Getting Familiar With the System

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Welcome to Fitli! Being a business owner and having customers be able to signup, schedule and pay online can be a complicated business - but we're here to make it easier! We try to make things easy to understand by the use of various buttons, links, pulldown menus, and popups. Let's quickly go over the main Fitli pages you'll spend the majority of time on.

Login Screen:

After you activate your Fitli account, you'll typically come to to signup and login. Here's the login page:


Enter the email address you signed up with, the password you chose, and click or tap "Log In". You'll be taken to the next step in the process below.


After you log in to your Fitli business account, you'll typically be taken to your Fitli business page, also known as the "DASHBOARD". Consider this your "home page" at Fitli. From here you can jump off to any other point on the site. There's a lot going on here, so let's look at the Dashboard in detail and show you what we can do from here:



1 - Pull Down Menu

Personal, Professional and Business Account - From the pulldown menu, you can access your Personal, Professional or Business account. Typically, if you're a business owner, you can ignore the first two options, and focus entirely on your business account. If you're a business owner managing multiple businesses, you may see another option here to visit all your businesses in another list.

Help - This menu option takes you to our Help Desk - read our FAQs, check out the setup guide and read about our tips and tricks!

Log out - To log out of the Fitli website, choose this option. You'll be prompted to log back in next time you want to access your account.

2 - Toolbar 

The toolbar is the "Business Menu" that gives you access to all the things you need to do as a business. Let's dive into what each option gives you access to:

Calendar: The calendar option takes you back to the dashboard/calendar, no matter where you are on Fitli.

Customers: To access your client/customer list, click Customers to get details about your clients, search your customer list, add new customers, or purchase packages for them!

Reports: Anything you want to know is here - from how much money you've made as a business, to your class bookings or attendance, this is the place to go.

Admin: The most important part of your business account - where you go to create, edit and setup your services (classes and appointments) and packages/memberships (how you sell your classes to customers). Also where you can create and edit any promotion/discount codes. You can also update your contact information, settings for your business, add users, and make many "back end" changes to your Fitli business account.

3 - Calendar Filters

These pulldown menus allow you to customize the display of classes and appointments on your calendar. As your class schedule fills up with more classes and appointments, you may want to display only certain services, classes that are full or empty, or classes taught by specific instructors. The filter options on the left side of the calendar allow you to customize the view of your class calendar.

4 - The Calendar

The main page where you'll be spending the majority of your time is here - the calendar.  It's the one place where you can see everything your business has going on - from classes to appointments and blocked time. To interact with the calendar, it's easy - just click or tap on it! Fitli will walk you through the steps to add your classes to the calendar. Once classes or appointments are on the schedule, you can click or tap on them to get more information, add clients to the classes, change properties like instructor or location, or remove/cancel them!

5 - Calendar Menu

From the calendar menu, you've got several options to customize the look and display of your calendar. You can choose "Today" to head to the current day, choose the "<" and ">" arrows to advance backward or forward on the calendar, or choose "Day", "Week" or "Month" to change the calendar display. This menu will currently reset itself to the "week" view, but we're in the process of making it more customize-able!

That's it for now with a quick introduction to the Fitli interface, options you have from the Business Dashboard, and how to get around. Next, check out Step 1 in this Guide - Configuring Your Business.

-> Let's Get Started, head to Step 1 - Configuring Your Business

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