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Handling Failing Client Auto-Renewing Memberships

Here's a comprehensive guide on how to easily manage your clients' auto-renewing memberships!

The Problem:

Clients who are on periodic auto-renewal of their memberships, either by credit card, check, or cash, can run into problems where their payment method (typically a credit card) fails. Please note that we at Fitli, allow you to set up a check or cash auto-renewal, this method is NOT preferred - as there is no automatic way to renew these accounts when they fail (and since there is no credit card to charge, they continue failing until canceled or repurchased).

This guide covers the failure of auto-renewing memberships paid by credit card.

How to Know when you've got a Client with a Failing Membership?

The first way you'll typically see that a client's membership has failed to renew will be an email from Fitli, notifying you of the failure. In the image below, the business has received a notice that a client's payment method has failed:


Then, you can log into your Fitli business account, and head to either the 'Account Balances' page, or to the Customer Profile for the specific client. Heading to the Customers List, we can see there is now a notice indicating that the client's membership renewal is failing. You'll see the notice indicated by a red "!" in a circle icon.


And, then clicking into their customer profile tells you at the top of the Client Profile:


And specifically under the auto-renewing memberships section:


How to resolve the failed membership auto-renewal?

If the client's credit card is failing, leading to the emails and messages in the client's account, then either you or the client needs to update their credit card attached to their Personal Account. There are two ways to do this:

Client Updates their Own Credit Card  

You (the business) updates the Client's card

Additionally, you could also CANCEL the auto-renewing membership, which terminates the auto-renewal process and won't continue the attempts at charging the customer.

Once the credit card is updated, the auto-renewal process will run the following day in the morning, and if successful, you'll receive a purchase email and see the purchase noted in the Sales Report. If not successful, you'll receive another email and may need to try an alternative credit card, or, contact us here at support@fitli.com to see if we can investigate the reason for the failure.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to support@fitli.com