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How are deposited funds designated to your account?

You decided to process credit card payments for customers and allow them to process credit card charges through your Fitli account. We activated credit card processing for you after a quick vetting process required by our payment processor, Braintree. The vetting process takes up to 3 business days, but most often, it happens within a few hours. You'll receive an email notification once it is approved.

Once credit card processing is activated, you can accept credit cards and we're integrated with managing your client's credit cards, depositing your revenue into your account, and processing monthly credit card auto-renewals. Typically, payments are disbursed within 2-3 business days after the transaction has settled through the credit card processor. Note this does not include weekends, holidays (bank holidays, etc).Β 

Now, you're wondering how are deposited funds designated to your account? It will look something like this with a unique code and your business' name: BRAINTREE FUNDING 6X5R72 FITLI. Sometimes it will only show your business' name with a unique code. It might get cut off on your statement as it depends on how many characters your bank accepts.Β It will also include the date and the disbursed amount, just like a normal line transaction on your bank statement. The only difference is it will appear as a credit (+) and not a debit (-).

If you have any questions regarding transactions, disbursements, or payments, please contact support@fitli.com or chat with us by clicking the chat bubble on the site at the bottom right.    

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