How do I upload my professional profile, certifications, photo, etc?

2 min. readlast update: 11.24.2023

If you're a professional trainer, coach or instructor, you'll want to have a professional photograph, a biography of yourself and your certifications linked to your Fitli account?

You're probably wondering, why? Your professional photograph is your face on Fitli - who you are, your certifications, biography, the types of classes and appointments you teach, and everything about you. Customers can find your professional profile in searches (if you've turned those options on) and your photograph gives you brand and name recognition with existing and new clients!

What about your privacy? Well, here at Fitli we're all about protecting your privacy, so we have several options to show or not show your personal information. As much or as little as you'd like. But it starts with putting up a professional photograph, although it's not required, we encourage it to get your name and 'who you are' out there to gain you more business!

Step 1: Head to your Professional Profile

First, head to your 'Personal' section associated with your Fitli account, using the pull-down menu in the upper right:


Then, click on 'Account' in the top toolbar.


Then, click on 'Contact Info' in the left side navigation.

Step 2: Upload your Professional Profile Photograph

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see a spot labeled 'Profile Photo'.


Click the 'Choose File' button to locate an image on your computer to upload, we support JPEG, PNG, all types of formats. If you have any problems, you can always email us here at with your image as an attachment.

Step 3: Add your Professional Details

Add your biography and personal certifications Just below the 'Contact Info' section, click 'Professional Profile', scroll down until you see the spots to add your biography and your professional certifications. Enter the information here and click 'Save' to load it!



Now, when clients search for your trainer profile, they'll see your photograph, bio, and certifications.  Great job, you're starting to build your profile!

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