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How to Update your Customer's Credit Card or Payment Information

As a business, you'll need the ability to update or remove your client's personal credit card from Fitli so you can continue purchasing for them and they can enjoy uninterrupted service. 

Don't forget, our credit card processor, Braintree (part of PayPal) securely stores your client's credit card in their digital vault protected by industry-standard encryption and security!  Your client's data is safe with them and us! Click HERE to know more about Braintree's security processes.  

You can update your clients' credit card on their profile or during purchase. Here's how...

Search for your customer and click the purchase link to open all of the available products and packages available to purchase. Select any item and then click purchase. 

On the purchase flow, click 'Choose another way' and then enter the new credit card number, expiration date, CVV code, postal code and then hit Next.



Confirm purchase to proceed or hit 'Cancel' if you don't want to proceed and just want to enter the new credit card information.

In case your client wants to delete the old card/s on file, you may also do this during purchase. Just click on 'Edit', click 'X' beside the card that needs to be deleted and then confirm deletion.





In case your client has multiple cards and wants to use a different card on file for every purchase, just select the card that the client wants to be charged during purchase, click Next and Confirm.

Note: For declined/failed renewal attempts on recurring packages/memberships, our payment processor will try to charge the new card on file the next day at 5AM CST. Please make sure that the new/updated card is the default card to avoid declined/failed transactions.

Your clients can also update, remove or delete their credit cards on their end. Please direct them to any of the guides below:

How to update, remove or delete your credit card from your Fitli account

Mobile version: How to update, remove or delete your credit card from your Fitli account

Remember: The important step in updating a credit card on file for a customer (when you don't want to make a purchase) is to stop just prior to making the actual purchase. When you get to the final screen, just don't click 'Confirm', but click 'Cancel' instead. Any card changes/updates you've made will be saved and they'll be good to go!

That's about it! Any questions? Click on the chat button or send us an email to support@fitli.com

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