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Mobile version: Google Calendar Integration - For Clients!

You can have your classes and appointments appear on your Google Calendar!

Please Note: This feature currently ONLY works with Gmail.com email addresses (or their managed domains). You cannot, at this time, sync your calendar with any other email addresses or Calendars (but others are coming in the future) outside Gmail. 

Syncing Your Google Calendar

In order to set up your Google Calendar integration, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log into your Fitli account, and tap into the "Account" section at the top.


Then, choose 'Calendar Integration' from the pulldown.


Step 2: Start the Linking Process

Click the 'Integrate with Google Calendar' to select your Google Calendar account.


Then, choose your Google Calendar account you'd like to sync with. For example, the email address for my customer account is xxxxxxxxxxxx@fitli.com, so I select xxxxxxxxxxxx@fitli.com which is my corresponding Google Calendar account (although the email addresses do NOT need to match).


NOTE: Again, this feature ONLY works with email addresses managed via Gmail. Your Fitli email address/account does NOT need to match the Gmail email address you want to link to - but you do need password access to the account so we can make sure it's yours for privacy reasons!

You will see a security notice, advising you that Fitli is requesting to access your Google Calendar - this is a standard security notice.  Fitli ONLY has access to edit, add, and remove classes/appointments that we have added. Fitli will NEVER edit or change, read or share any of your other calendars or items on your personal calendar that we have not created.  You will need to "Allow" this notice to proceed.


After accepting, the process of syncing any existing classes or appointments to your Google Calendar will begin - this process could take up to several minutes for all your existing classes/appointments to populate on your personal Google Calendar.


In the meantime, the Fitli Google Calendar integration process will show that your calendar is integrated.

Fitli and Google Calendar Syncing

When first syncing your Google Calendar with your Fitli account, ALL classes or appointments you're booked into are added to your Google Calendar.

This process may take a few minutes to initially sync to your calendar.

Each time a class or appointment is changed (description, location, trainer, etc) those changes will be updated on your synced Google Calendar.

Changes made on Google Calendar are NOT reflected on your Fitli calendar - this is a one-way process from Fitli -> Google Calendar, not vice versa.

Here's an example of a 'Private Yoga Session' appointment on the Fitli schedule synced to the Google Calendar schedule:

Fitli Calendar



Google Calendar


Disconnecting your Google Calendar from Fitli

To remove Fitli and Google Calendar integration, and remove all your existing classes/appointments from Google Calendar, head back into your Account section and ton 'Disconnect'.


When disconnecting, you'll see a status indicator letting you know we're removing all your synced items from your Google Calendar, helping you 'clean up' any remaining classes or appointments you no longer need.



When this process completes, which could take several minutes, any items that were synced will be removed. If there are any 'leftover' classes or appointments on your Google Calendar, you can remove them manually. Thanks for reading, we hope you love this integration feature, we're hoping to add other calendars (like Apple iCal) soon! Please send us your feedback to support@fitli.com or use the chat link on the bottom right. Thanks!

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