Re-Adding Your Business Credit Card

2 min. readlast update: 01.13.2024
Executive Summary: Due to an urgent switch to a new processing account, your card details were not transferred in time by Braintree. As a result, the system now requires you to re-enter your card information. We deeply regret this inconvenience and apologize for the less-than-ideal experience during this payment processing transition.

Happy New Year to Everyone!

As you may be aware, the transition of business credit card accounts from Braintree to Usio did not include your customers' credit card data. This was primarily because Usio lacks a subscription billing feature. Consequently, your card information has remained with Braintree.

For a decade, we've been using Braintree's "Marketplace" platform for payment processing. However, Braintree is discontinuing this service. This compelled us to set up a new Braintree merchant account specifically for subscription billing. Braintree was expected to assist us by migrating your card data from the old to the new account. This transfer was supposed to be completed before the shutdown of the old platform on Monday, which is already an extended deadline.

Unfortunately, your card data wasn't transferred, and with the imminent shutdown of the old platform, we had to proactively move to the new platform. Failing to do so would have led to significant issues, like login errors on Fitli, due to the interconnected nature of these systems.

This transition, while solving potential major issues for Monday, means that upon your first login to Fitli post-change, you will need to re-enter your credit card details.

I apologize for both the inconvenience and the short notice. We had hoped for a timely resolution from Braintree, but it didn't materialize. We are nearing the completion of these payment transition activities and look forward to moving past these challenges.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these changes.


John Cline

Founder @ Fitli

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