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Requesting Client Refunds

You can request a refund for any purchase showing on your Sales Report with just a few clicks!  Here's how..

Requesting Refunds

To start the refund request process, head to your Sales Report. Once there, let's take a look at the report, and see what's available for refunds and how the process works.

Step 1: View the Sales Report and choose a purchase to refund


On the right side, next to each purchase, you'll see a 'Refund' link. Clicking the link will popup a 'Refund Request' window as shown below. Choose the purchase you want to refund, then click the 'Refund' link.

Step 2: Complete the refund request


 In this refund request popup, you'll see two options. Enter the amount and the reason for the refund. Amount - you can enter the full amount (the purchase price was prefilled) or a partial amount. The amount you refund has to be greater than zero (or why do a refund?). Reason for Refund - Nothing fancy, just a quick note for Fitli and yourself (also goes into your Sales Report export) for why the refund was processed.

After you've chosen an amount to refund, and entered a reason, click the 'Confirm' button to submit a refund. The window will show a 'Request submitted' popup as shown below.


Closing this window and heading back to your Sales Report, you'll see that the report has been updated with a notation that the refund was sent, "Refund Submitted". Now, Fitli will be processing the refund, and the rest of the process is semi-automated - no more work for you!

Canceling Refund Requests - If you realize you made a refund request in error, you can also CANCEL the refund request. Just click the 'Refund Submitted' link on the Sales Report AFTER you request a refund and click the CANCEL REFUND button.  We'll cancel the refund process and your Sales Report will revert back to the way it looked prior to you requesting the refund.


Automatic Renewing Memberships - As part of our typical process, Fitli does NOT cancel automatic, renewing memberships. This is a business contract between you and the client - we don't cancel these except for certain specific circumstances. So, if you're requesting a refund for a monthly renewing charge, if you do NOT cancel the membership, it will auto-renew the following month. Please CANCEL the client if you do not want this charge to process.

Class or Session Refunds - Fitli does NOT, as a general rule, cancel clients out of classes or appointments if a refund is requested and/or issued. The class or appointment cancellation responsibility is up to the business, and Fitli will process the payment refund. This is to ensure that you, the business, are in charge of your clients and their bookings, and Fitli doesn't accidentally take an action that you aren't requesting.

Step 3: Wait for the refund to complete

After Fitli processes the refund, which is typically in a few hours to at most 24 hours (depending on the day), three things will happen:

One: You will receive an email notifying you when the refund has been processed and completed. This email will let you know that Fitli has completed the refund transaction and the net amount refunded to your client.

Two: Your client will receive an email from Fitli notifying them that they have been refunded for their purchase.

Three: If the original client purchase was made by credit card, and Fitli is processing a PARTIAL credit card refund back to the customer, we're charged a credit card refund fee to perform a transaction to the client's card. This fee is the same as the card charge fee, 2.9% + .30.  As Fitli pays refunds to customers via credit card out of our bank account, to 'square up' charges with your business as part of the card refund process, we then charge your business credit card on file the refund amount, PLUS the credit card refund fee listed above. So, if the original purchase was $200, and you're requesting a refund of say, $100, we then charge you, the business, $103.20. This charge occurs immediately after we process the refund to the customer.

FULL REFUND = no fees PARTIAL REFUND = credit card transaction fee charge

Four: Your sales report will change to reflect the refund, with the dollar amount refunded in red, and the total sales amount adjusted and also reflected in red as shown below.

Updated Sales Report:


You'll see your updated sales report now has adjustments in the 'Amount' column for the net refund amount (in red), and the notation of the date the purchase was refunded. Also, at the tof your Sales Report, you'll see the gross and net sales amounts, with any adjustments for refunds during the time period you selected.

Any notes you added to the refund request will also appear in the exported Sales Report.

Thanks and if you have any questions regarding refunds, contact us at support@fitli.com.

-Team Fitli