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Self-Check In: Business Guide


 Prior to your clients checking themselves into classes, there are several steps you as a business need to complete to enable this feature.

  • Turn 'ON' Client Self Check-In for each SERVICE (see below)
  • Publish/provide your Self Check-In URL/Link to clients (see below where to get the link)

Some important notes for Client Self Check-In (if you allow this):

  • Clients will be able to check themselves within 120 minutes of class starting
  • When a client checks themselves in, it will update the 'check-in' section of the Session Profile automatically
  • Client Self Check-Ins will also update the Attendance Report automatically

Updating Services for Self Check-In

If you're going to allow self check-ins, head to the Services section. Click 'Edit' next to each Service you want to allow check-ins for.  Head to the bottom and choose the 'Enable Check-Ins' and 'Enable Self Check-In' options.


 Now, clients who are booked for these classes will be able to check themselves into the class within 120 minutes of the class starting.

Session Profile

You'll notice that after clients check themselves in, that the Session Profile screen automatically updates with the 'check-in' box!


Attendance Report

Also, after a client checks themselves into a class, the Attendance Report automatically updates with a record of the checked-in client.


 Self Check-In URL/Link

How do you find your custom URL/Self Check-In Link?

Head to the Admin section, then to the 'Business Tools' section under 'Business Setup & Customization.  At the bottom, click the 'copy' icon beside the 'Self Check-In Link' URL/Link to copy it to your clipboard.  It should look similar to the following:


Your CUSTOM link will have your business name where the 'businessname' is in the demo link above.  You can publish, email this link or bookmark it on a phone, computer, tablet, etc at your studio!  We recommend having this link available to students/clients at the studio on a separate device, like a tablet, front desk computer, etc.


 Any questions, comments or suggestions about Self Check-In? Please let us know at support@fitli.com