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#163 - Android Mobile App for Clients - ANDROID | MOBILE

Launch an Android version of Fitli's mobile app. Should include at least the same ability to view and book sessions, pay for sessions and packages, and manage account.

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we NEED this quickly

Seems like most of our clients are on Android. They try to use the website on their phone anyway and make tons of mistakes. My phone is Android too - I don't even try to use it! :(
Yes. I have a few clients that have androids and they have reported problems viewing the program on their phone through a search browser.
This is big for my clients as well. *Moving comment to duplicate request
Many of my clients have trouble using my website or the Fitli website to book classes. A lot of times the calendar won't even load on their phones. However, all of my iPhone users LOVE the app and say it works perfectly.
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