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#300 - Allow multiple items to be purchased in 'shopping cart', or multiple quantities of packages - RETAIL

Allow for more than one item to be purchased in the cart, or multiples. Example - a client could purchase a 10 pack, 5 pack, t-shirt. Then, choose 2 t-shirts, and checkout all in one purchase.









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Would like customers to book multiple sessions, especially when booking for children. 

Yes, agreed with the comments.  Our clients want to purchase multiple items very frequently to a point where we need to use another CC software provider which makes it a nightmare for accounting.  Please consider accelerating this feature.

I'll echo the comments above. Often I have customers wanting to buy water, mat, towel, electrolyte packs, t-shirts etc. It'd be nice to be able to tally all the items onto one invoice. It's too time consuming to ring them all up separately.
Yes please often times my clients want to buy multiples... would make it much easier and quicker
This is definitely a high priority for us, especially since there is a per transaction charge.
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