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#446 - Let business set required fields for customers - CUSTOMERS | SIGNUP

Let business set required fields for customers via a checkbox - for example, "Emergency Contact" might be a required field for their clients, but not for another business

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From Justin Holland of Elevate Barre:
Have our customers enter more of their information online.
It is difficult to capture this information when people sign up online and if we need to contact someone in an emergency we may not have that information. I would say that should be put to the very top of the stack so business can capture the information that is needed. Thank you for your help and have a great rest of your day!

Dawn Celapino also requested "Make the mobile/phone number field required. Prompt customers who sign up to add their mobile number. On biz side, prompt biz to add mobile phone numbers for customers when adding them."

This has been launched.  

Check out the FAQ here:  Create Custom Sign Up Fields and Set Required Fields


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