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change the date of a class

be able to change the date of a class without creating a whole new class - then you would not have to cancel and rebook everyone.






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We'll likely do something where if the class is not booked by anyone, you can edit and/or change the date, time, etc. If the class is booked by someone, you'll have to cancel and reschedule it. Doesn't seem fair (correct us if we're wrong), to change the date/time of a class and assume that the attendees will be able to make it. Or, require that the clients all have to confirm the change - we already find that people don't read and/or respond!
It would be helpful to adjust the time or day of a class/appointment by simply dragging and dropping the appointment around the calendar. Clients sometimes ask to adjust time a half hour here or there or switch days and it would be nice to not need to cancel and rebook it.
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