December 2, 2019 Release - Payroll, Retail, Sales Tax, Mobile Update, and more...

We've been busy!

OK. So I know it's been a while since we did an update. It's been 3 months and 3 days to be precise.  But, we've actually been working really hard releasing new features over that time.  So, in addition to the current release going live on December 2, 2019, we will also be covering the last 2 releases from September 6, 2019, and November 2, 2019.  There is a lot here so let's dive in!



  • Improve UI for drop-downs with many selection options



  • Add validation step to update email address
  • Added double entry for resetting password



  • Add email/sms notification when running low on sessions
  • Add email/sms notification when a new lead client signs up for business
  • Add email/sms notifications when sessions are about to expire

MOBILE APP (click here for video overview)

  • Allow users to go further in appointment booking flow without signing in
  • Open app to favorites if user is already a client of a business
  • When no classes in the current month, show Next class (future)
  • On pricing tab in the business profile, show all sections open
  • Implement Retail Products
  • Implement Sales Tax
  • Make all purchase and price values to have 2 decimal places.

Check out the BLOG POST HERE for many more details including the list of bug fixes.


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