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Service defined as Hide from Public - shows on calendar after scheduled

Hi.  Appreciate ability to create a service (class in this case) and mark it as 'hide from public'

HOWEVER when I SCHEDULE that service/class  - it defaults to show on calendar.  I then have to switch to the calendar, open the class, and slide the 'hide from calendar' button in the calendar as well.

Could you either:

1. default service (class) setup with 'hide from public' to have that slide bar set to that once scheduled  OR

2. add the slide bar 'hide from public' to the scheduling panel

either way - please keep that toggle switch in the class as situations change and may start out hidden and later want to show on calendar and vice versa

having to take 2 steps to hide from calendar slows down scheduling as I now have to switch from schedule to calendar to schedule to calendar when adding classes to our calendar in hopes that students do not see that which was not intended for them to see


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