Now you've got your services/packages setup, clients added into your customer list, and you're ready to start selling packages! But wait, you'll want to first be familiar with your Business Reports. Your reports can tell you the specifics you need to know about how your business is doing on Fitli, including sales, bookings, and attendance.

Step 1: View your Available Reports

First, head to the reports section by clicking on 'Reports' at the top toolbar. You'll see the available report options on the left side.

Here, you can see which report options are available, and the type of information you can obtain from each report:

  1. View your business ratings and reviews (Reviews Received)
  2. How much money you've made per time period (Sales Report)
  3. View Account Balances for each client (Account Balances)
  4. How many clients are booking, and how they are booking (Bookings Report)
  5. Attendance records for specific classes (Attendance Report)
  6. Track and determine how much you need to pay your instructors (Payroll Report)

Step 2: Reviews Received

After each class or appointment booking, we provide users with a popup message asking them for a brief review or feedback on the trainer and class. Once users start providing you with feedback, we display their feedback here for you to review. These reviews also show up in the list of search results for your business - more reviews the better!

Step 3: Review your Sales Report

Initially, you will not have any entries in your Sales Report, since nothing has been purchased. However, after customers begin making purchases, or you begin selling memberships to clients, your sales data will populate here.

In the example above, you can see several test purchases we've entered for this business. Let's look deeper into the Sales Report.

View Sales by Payment Type:

In the top row, there are options for viewing sales by different payment methods. You can choose 'card', 'cash', 'check', 'other', etc etc allowing you to break down sales by payment type.

Search Box:
You can search for any text included in the Sales Report - a client's name, email address, date, time, dollar amount, etc. Just click 'View All' to return to the main Sales Report and start over.

Sortable Columns:
You can click on any column name to sort by the column header you clicked on! Clicking on the header for 'Net Sale' for example, sorts the Sales Report by Net Sale Price in ascending, then descending order by clicking it again. This works for every column header - give it a try!

View Sales by Time Period:
The default time period is the current month. You can change this to display sales by the prior month, year to date, or a custom date range of your choice (great for running those custom reports).

Export option:
If you need to get more details about your Sales, you can export your Sales Report (and all reports) to a .csv file. In the exported report, you can get a breakdown of gross vs. net sales, any CC transaction fees, promotion codes used, and a variety of other data!  Very helpful!

In the columns for each sales entry, you'll see the date/time of the purchase, the customer's name, the item that was purchased, the dollar amount of the purchase, and the payment method (card, cash, other, etc).

Refund Option
You have an option to request a refund for a customer's purchase. Typically here at Fitli we like to suggest providing session credits as opposed to monetary refunds, but occasionally you'll need to process a refund, typically to a credit card. To do this, click the 'Refund' link and enter the information on your requested refund. Fitli will process the refund!  

To read more about Refunds, read our comprehensive Refund guide.

Step 4: Review your client Account Balances

Very often, your clients will come to you asking the question, "How many sessions do I have left", or, "When does my membership expire". This question can be answered by the client logging into the Fitli app, or the website, but since it's easier for them to ask you, they tend to do that!

To answer their questions, head to the Account Balances report, and see exactly WHAT and HOW MUCH each client has left in their membership.

In the example above, we can see that client Andrew Zapatos has 7 sessions left on his account, expiring on 1/12/2022.

This report is also exportable into a .csv file for viewing with additional information on the details of his package/membership.

Step 5: Review your Bookings Report

Your bookings report shows WHO is booking WHAT for your business. In the example below, you can see entries for each time a client books into a class or appointment. We show HOW they booked, using a drop-in purchase or a purchase from a package or membership. Any cancelled or refunded sessions will also appear here. This report is also exportable for more details on the specifics of each booking.

Step 6: Review your Attendance Report

The Attendance report is where you can track WHO is showing up to your classes. If, during the service creation process, you turned ON the ability to check-in clients, then this report will show additional information on customers and check in's to your classes.

From the example above, you can see the class date/time, name of the class, the trainer, and how many students were scheduled in the class. To the right is the count of 'no shows', or those clients that weren't checked into the class.

Step 7: View your Payroll Reports

The Payroll report is where you can track and determine how much you need to pay your instructors. This will only be available if you activate the Payroll functionality for your business. For a more detailed guide on how to activate this feature for your business, check here. 

Now that we've wrapped up looking at your reports, let's head to the final stretch, booking your first customer into a class and processing your first transaction!

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