To start setting up Payroll for your account, head to the 'Admin' section, then click on 'Payroll' on the left side.

Turn the slider ON to turn on Payroll.

Then, click on 'Pay Rates' to start configuring your first Pay Rate.


To understand Pay Rates, think of them as a 'definition' of WHAT you are paying your instructors FOR. Similar to saying, "I pay my instructors XX dollars per session, or per client, or splitting % of revenue", it defines how Fitli knows how much to report on paying your trainers.  There are several options for you to define your pay rates, including - by 'Per Session', 'Per Attendee', 'Revenue Split', or 'Attendee Sliding Scale'.  You can have a single pay rate for all your instructors, or have individual pay rates for each instructor.  Here are some definitions:

PER SESSION - You can determine how much $$ you pay your instructor by a specific service/session.  For example, you can pay $5 per Yoga Class, or $10 for a Private Training class.  You can also set a default payment amount if you don't want to get so detailed.

In the example above, we've specified that we want to pay $10 per session by default, and also $10 for each Yoga class.

PER ATTENDEE - You can pay by attendee, or by how many clients are BOOKED into the class.

In the example above, we've specified that we want to pay $10 per booked client in all classes by default, and $5 for each client BOOKED into a Yoga Class.

REVENUE SPLIT - You can pay a revenue percentage split, based off how much REVENUE you as a business have booked for the class.  Let's say you do a 40/60 (40%) revenue split with your instructor.  So, if you book $10 for a class, and you have a revenue split of 40%, then you pay the instructor $4.

In the example above, we've done a 40% revenue split with the instructor, just as described above.  We've also set up a default $ amount of $25 per Yoga class (maybe it's a more difficult class?)  Also, you can enforce only paying out for the clients who are actually CHECKED INTO the class, as opposed to who are booked.  This will require you or the instructor to use the check-in feature to actually check in clients.

ATTENDING SLIDING SCALE - In this pay rate, the instructor is paid based on how many clients attended the class, not per attendee. Instructors are paid based on how many clients attended based on the sliding scale. Click HERE to know more.

Once you've determined your pay rate, you can name them individually and enter a description.  We recommend using the instructor name and a brief description of which trainer the pay rate is for.

In the example above, we've decided this is Karen's pay rate and named it appropriately.  We'll be setting this pay rate on her account in the next step.

Click 'Save' at the bottom to save your pay rates, then head to the 'Users' section in the Admin area to start configuring your instructors/trainers.

Configure Your Users and Assign Pay Rates ->