As a client of a Fitli business, you automatically receive emails and text message notifications for several events - signups for classes and appointments, purchase of memberships and packages, and notifications 24 hours in advance of your class/appointment. But have you started getting too many messages or texts - and want to turn some off?

You can do that! Each customer or client can customize their notifications to their personal preferences. Some business have also asked if the business can manage notifications for the clients - that's coming, but not currently supported.

Step 1: Login to your Fitli personal account

Login at to your personal account, and make sure you see the 'Personal' section highlighted at the top of the page. That's how you know you're on your Personal account (some users may have other accounts). See the screenshot below:

Step 2: Click on Account on the navigation bar, then Notifications on the left side menu

After logging in, click on the Account section, then notifications (see screenshot below):

Step 3: Configure your Notification Settings

Here are all the available messaging options (some may be slightly different depending on your user level, or access level).

Any settings with a blue checkbox can be modified, some settings, like purchases require us to send you a notification (a requirement from our processor) and can't be turned off.

But the majority of notifications come from the first line, "About your booked sessions". Turning this option off should keep you from receiving a majority of messages about bookings, reminders, etc.

If you intend to receive text notifications, make sure you add your mobile number under 'Contact Info' then hit save. When done, go back to notifications then click the checkbox/es below the text column to receive text messages.

See the screenshots below for a typical view of the notification settings menu and where you can add your mobile number.

Any questions? Contact or chat with us!