Yes, it's easy! To check how many sessions or classes you have left in your account, you've got several options:

1. Check the 'Account Balance' section of your personal profile, see screenshot below. This will tell you the package you've purchased and how many 'sessions' you have left. Note that sessions are only applicable to either classes, appointments, or both, depending on the package you've purchased. See the 'Applies To' section.

2. While booking a session on the website, you can see on the booking screen how many sessions you have left, which packages you've purchased, and what types of products they apply to (see below).

3. On the mobile app, look in the 'Session Bank' section of your profile, under "more...". There, you'll find a complete breakdown of which packages you've purchased, how many sessions you have left, and what products it applies to. Here are screenshots of another client's account for a different business.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to