As always - we listened to you, our customers, and are adding several new features for this Fall Release. Click the title of each below to read more!

Electronic Waiver Checking:

Previously, when a client selected the option to "Accept Waiver", we didn't actually check to see if they had clicked the waiver link. Now, based on your customer requests, we're adding the ability to check if a customer has clicked the 'read waiver' link. If they have clicked the link, they can then click the 'Accept Waiver' slider. If they haven't clicked the waiver link, they can't confirm their purchase - it's that simple.  Another way for you to ensure your customers/clients are in compliance!

You can check their profile to see if they accepted the waiver or not or if they did, it will show the date when they accepted it.

New Help Desk Link:

Now, it's easier than ever to visit our Help Desk and review helpful articles about Fitli! Just use the pull down menu in the upper right, and choose the 'Help' option to read more helpful tips, articles, FAQ, etc.  Here's a link to our Help Desk.

Deep Links to Packages/Purchase Process:

You've asked for links directly into the package/membership purchase process, and we've answered! Now, using the same business tools option you're familiar with, you can give your clients the ability to purchase packages and memberships without first going to the schedule or calendar page. Use the configuration tool to select which specific package, or leave off for a general link, and let your customers start buying!

Export your Customer List:

Previously, you had to ask us to obtain an exported list of your customers. Well, no more! Head to the 'Customers' section, and look for the 'Export to CSV' button. Depending on the list and any searches/sorts you've chosen, the export button will allow you to download a .csv file of your current customer list.  Email away!

We've got many more exciting features on the way, thanks again for being a Fitli customer!