As you may know, processing a refund to a customers credit card is not an automatic feature in our system. That's a long story, but it requires a step by our support team to get it done. Before now, you would have to send an email to support requesting a refund. We'd process it and email you back to let you know when it was complete. Starting last night, you can initiate a refund directly from your Sales Report. We still have to process it, but you can see the status and get notified automatically when it's done. To learn more about this new process, read HERE.

Cancel / Remove Session from Calendar

Finally, you can completely remove a session from the calendar when you don't want it there anymore. Previously, if you had booked a client into a session, then canceled, you could not remove that session from the calendar. I know that drove some of you bonkers. I get it. No more!  Cancel and remove to your heart's content. It's not too complicated, but if you want to learn more, read HERE.

More new features coming soon! Stay tuned!