Declined auto-renewing memberships are a pain not only for clients but for businesses as well. 

Don't want to wait until tomorrow for the next declined auto-renewing membership to go through and want to book now for your client? Or, your client just wants to cancel asap and don't want to wait a day to stop an auto-renewing membership? Now you can expire their canceled memberships immediately.

Open the customer's profile. Scroll to 'Account Balance' then click the 'Expiration Date' picker. As you can see, you can 'Set Expiration Date' or 'Expire Immediately'. Select 'Expire Immediately' then hit Save.

Now you don't have to wait to set your client's canceled membership to expire in one day, you can cancel it out immediately!

That's about it! Any questions - contact us here at or connect via chat on the Fitli site.