Welcome to Fitli! You've downloaded the app, and are ready to signup and start getting fit! This guide will assist you in getting setup, including how to login, search for fitness classes and get signed up for your first class.

  • After downloading and installing the IOS app from Itunes, launch the app from your Iphone. You'll be asked to allow Fitli to use your GPS location. This is so we can present fitness and wellness businesses near you. Please tap "Allow".

Signup or Login:

  • You'll be presented with a "Sign Up" or "Log in" page. If you have an account already with Fitli, then choose "Log in" (see below for help in logging in). If you don't have an account yet, choose "Sign Up".
  • Choosing "Sign Up" will prompt you to enter your First name, Last name, email address and to choose a password. Your password (for your security) must have at least 8 characters and 1 number. Tap "Signup" to complete the signup, and our system will automatically send you a welcome email and let you know your account has been created.
  • Login with the EMAIL address and PASSWORD you chose during signup. Then, you're in! You should see either a "Choose your area", or an "Explore" page. If you see "Choose your area", then select your local market, if there is one near where you live. Right now, Fitli is active in select major markets, and expanding every week!
  • The "Explore" page is your hub for finding great local fitness gyms, yoga and Pilates studios and trainers near you. On your Explore page, you'll see a local listing of great gyms, clubs and trainers. You'll see the following information on your Explore page:

Fitness Locations:

  1. Business name and logo
  2. Distance from you (if you accepted the 'allow location').
  3. Average rating in number of stars and number of total reviews
  4. Address

Tapping on each business will give you more information about that specific business, where you can view their schedule/signup for a class, check rates, meet the professionals, contact the business or leave a review.

To signup for a class, tap the Class Name that interests you, then tap "Book Session".

You'll see a pricing page which shows your checkout total (in this case, it's $10 for the class), and a "Proceed to Checkout". Tap proceed to head to the payment page.

Once on the payment page, enter your credit card information, and tap "Pay". Be assured that your credit card and payment information is secure with us, and once the charge is approved, your class is paid for! We'll notify the business that you're booked, and the class will appear on your personal schedule.

Your Personal Schedule:

Here you can keep track of your upcoming scheduled classes, courses and events. Scroll up and down in the app to see the listing of courses, the business and dates/times.

That's it! You're signed up for your first class, and on your way to a more fit life with Fitli! Have fun and explore!