You made changes to your schedule and you would like to know how your schedule looks like on your customers' end. There are two ways to do this. Here's how...

Go to the Personal section of your Fitli account by selecting it from the arrow down button beside your name on the upper right side of the page. 

Click 'Book Activity' on the top menu and then hit 'View Schedule' on any favorite business. Screenshot below:

Now you're viewing your 'public' schedule of classes as clients would see it (minus seeing your name and photo in the upper right corner - that's for you only!)

Alternatively, you can go to your business, click 'Admin' on the top menu then click 'Business Tools' on the left side under 'Business Setup & Customization. Click the copy icon beside the 'Book Link' field.

The link should be something like this:

That's about it! Any questions? Contact us at or click the chat bubble.