We've made some exciting changes to Promotion Codes and Payment Types!

Payment Types

First, we've added several additional payment types to the purchase process, including Promotion, Gift Card/Coupon, Groupon, Class Pass, Comp, Pay Later, etc. Choosing these other payment types allows you to add notes (just like cash, etc) to the purchase so you can add code, coupon number, Groupon purchase number, anything you'd like! Also, you can then search/sort in your Sales Report by the same payment types.

Initially, these other payment types, like Groupon, Pay Later, Class Pass, etc, don't have any integration with those services - but you can use the notes field during the purchase process to track any codes, etc.  

If there's a payment type we missed that you'd like to see, let us know!

Promotion Codes

We've improved the promotion code process to both simplify and improve the adding/using of promotion codes for clients. Previously, adding a promotion code required moving to the purchase screen and sometimes, a promotion of 100% still required a client to enter a credit card. Not anymore! If a discount reduces the price to ZERO, then the client will be able to book for free using the code. Also, the promotion codes are now 'applied' using the aptly named 'Apply' button!

Now, just enter the promotion code in the promotion code box, click 'Apply' and voila, it's done!



Then, just continue to the purchase process and your client will be billed the discounted amount.


Remember, that if a promo code without any limitation has been applied to an auto-renewing membership/package purchase, it will set the price for the future recurring payments unless canceled.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please contact us at support@fitli.com