You're probably aware that we released Relationships - a new feature that lets your clients have family members, kids, friends, all share/access their memberships if you decide to turn on this feature.  What wasn't added at that time was the ability for CLIENTS to book themselves into those classes, it had to be completed by the business.

Well, we've just released a new feature that allows your CLIENTS to book themselves and their relationships into classes!  The only thing the business must still do is set up the client's relationships - that means adding their kids, family members, etc.  Soon we'll be adding that ability to clients as well.

Remember, in order to allow your clients to book using the following process, the following are required:

-Relationships MUST be turned on and active (contact Fitli at if not active
-You MUST have a shared package that clients can use to book
-Your client MUST have a relationship created (you need to have added their family, friends, etc into their account already)

Here's how to direct your clients to book themselves or their relationships into a class (coming for appointments later).  Please note this feature is only available on the web, or via the mobile website at this time.  Coming later for the standalone Fitli iOS app.

Step 1: Start from your business schedule

First, find the class on your business schedule that they'd like to book into.  Then, click on the class, just as if they were going to book into a class like normal.  In the screenshot below, we've chosen a class.  Click on it and the 'booking window' will appear.

Step 2: Click the Class to Book

Once on the Booking Window as shown below, click the 'Book' button to book yourself (the client) or a relationship.

Step 3: Choose who to Book!

Once the popup appears, choose the person or relationship you'd like to book.  For clients, you can choose either yourself (the top option) or any of your Relationships.  Remember, your relationships have to be created by the business at this time.

Step 4: Complete the Booking, or Purchase

If you've already got a package or membership which includes the classes you're trying to book, just click the 'Confirm' button to complete the booking.  Alternatively, you might be prompted to purchase a package or membership to complete your booking.  If so, and you believe you should have credits or sessions remaining, please contact your business and they can assist you.

Add relationships into your Classes!

Also, you can add relationships to classes that you (or another of your relationships) is already booked into! Just click on the class, and you'll see a new option called, "+ Book Another". Click that, then choose the other relationship (such as another child, spouse, etc) and book that person into your same class - essentially 'double booking' into that class using your shared package!

Coming in Relationships 3.0 - Appointment Bookings, Client Relationship creation, and more!