You requested for this, we got you! Before, the next charge, bill or payment date for an auto-renewing package or membership was not available on the Reports page and Customer Profile. Now... with just a few clicks, you'll find when your client's next payment day is!

First, go to 'Reports' on the top menu and then click 'Account Balance' on the left side. In this example, the clients 'Next Payment Date' (same as the 'Next Charge Date') is on 4/26/2020 for his 'Monthly Limited 10' package.

You can also use the keyword box to filter - type a keyword for the 'Monthly Limited 10' package to show all customers who purchased this.

You may also find when the 'Next Charge' (same as the 'Next Payment Date') under Customer Profile under 'Auto-Renewing Plans'.

Another most requested feature is to pull-up or show expired balances. To show expired balances, just click the 'Show expired balances' link.

Then, click the sortable link for 'Expiration Date'. 

Scroll down to see the expired balances.

Note: You may export your account balances report by clicking the export button. If you don't click 'Show expired balances', the exported file will only show the balances that are not expired. If you click 'Show expired balances' then export, the exported file will include the expired balances.

Another place where you can find expired balances is on your Customer Profile. Click on your client's name, scroll down to 'Account Balance', then click 'Show expired balances'. This will show you all balances including the expired ones.

There you have it! Any questions - contact us here at or connect via chat on the Fitli site.