Exporting your Sales Report will give you more details about your Sales and the specifics (date and time, how clients paid, gross vs. net dollar amount, settlement, service fees, full/partial refund, etc). 

To do this, login to your Fitli business account, and click on the Reports section. Then, click Sales Report on the left side.

Use the pulldown to filter out the needed data. You may view sales by All Payment Methods, card, cash or other. Use the pulldown for the time frame. It's default to Month to Date. You may also select from Last Month, Year to Date or do a custom search by selecting the date range or click View All to pull-up the current report. Use the keyword box to enter your client's name, email address, item or promo. You may use any one of these tabs or do a combination search and then hit Search. When done, click Export on the right side.

The csv file will be automatically downloaded. You probably wondered, why is the exported file showing some weird characters like “#####” on select rows/columns/cells? That is because it’s a csv file and it's not formatted yet.

To remove these, click on the top left corner of the spreadsheet so it highlights everything.

Then hover your mouse on the line between A and B column. You’ll notice that your excel cursor will change into this:  

Double click on the line between A and B column.  

This will bring up the values behind those weird characters as shown below.

The csv file can be opened in many types of apps but usually, it's default to be opened in excel. You may use the “Save As” option on Excel to save it to your desired file format (PDF, txt, word, etc.)

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@fitli.com or join live chat on the Fitli site. Enjoy exporting!