Wondering how much you've paid in credit card/merchant processing fees? This guide will briefly show you how you can check that out!

You can access all the required information you'd need to generate this data for your business via your Reports section of your Fitli account.

Step 1 : Head to your Sales Report
Login to your Fitli business account, and click on the Reports section. Then, click Sales Report on the left side.

Step 2: Select card on the "View sales by" pulldown and change date range under 'Custom' to your desired dates.

Make sure to select card from the "View sales by" pulldown since you wanted to check on your credit card processing fees. When done, identify the date range you're looking for, use the pulldown for "Custom" to choose your custom dates. You may also select, "Year to date", "Last Month" or "Month to Date". Click search.

Step 3: Export your Sales Report
Once you've chosen and updated your Sales Report to a custom date range, use the 'Export' button to export the report to a .csv file.

Step 4: Open your .csv file
Once you've exported your Sales Report, use your favorite spreadsheet program (Excel, Sheets, Numbers, etc.) to open the downloaded .csv file. Once the file is opened, go to the column that says "Processing Fee". You can see processing fees for each transaction and the total for the report.

There you have it! If you have any questions, please contact us at support@fitli