We've updated Blocked Time events with several features you've been requesting, including Subject/Titles, Descriptions, and display improvements on the calendar!

Now, when creating a blocked time event, you can set a title - use this for describing your blocked time event! This title now shows up on the calendar/schedule so you know what the blocked time event is for.


You can also add longer descriptions to your blocked time events in the right side text box - provide more information on the blocked time event. Note that since blocked time events do NOT show up for clients, they cannot see the titles or the descriptions of the events.

Repeating Events

If you have a repeating blocked time event, and you update the title or description for one, choosing the option to 'Update All Future Instances of this Recurring Session' does NOT update the title and description. The title and description is UNIQUE to each individual blocked time event.

We hope you like the new features - please reach out at support@fitli.com if you have any questions or comments.