We've added several improvements to the 'Facilities' section, including default facilities and improved error messages when you're trying to remove, but have one booked.

Default Facilities

Now, when you create a second (or more) facilities/locations where your classes or appointments happen, you can set the default location. This means when you add a new class or appointment to the schedule, that is the default location that comes up where the event happens. You can still always change the location during the creation process!

Also, when clients now choose to book an appointment online, the default location will be specified as where the appointment occurs. No more having to choose which location for booked appointments.

Improved Messaging

Now, if you try to remove an unused facility, the system will prompt you to remove any associated classes or appointments first. You can't remove a facility when something was booked there!

To remove an unused facility, just reassign the prior/upcoming classes or appointments to a new or existing location, then remove the facility you no longer want.

For Zoom integration, if you try to disconnect, but Zoom is the default facility, you will be required to select a new default facility.  Any existing session with a Zoom facility will be changed to the default. If you don't want that to happen, you will need to change each session in advance to the desired facility before disconnecting Zoom. For a more comprehensive guide, click HERE.

We hope you like these updated features - please reach out at support@fitli.com and let us know!