We've updated the Customer Account Profile to include specific sections for the following - Upcoming Sessions, Account Balance, and Auto Renewing Plans. Previously, these sections would only 'appear' if there was something to include in the section - now it's clearer on what to do and where these items show up.

Section 1  - Upcoming Sessions

Here, you'll see your client's upcoming classes and appointments. To view their prior session history, click on the 'View Session History' link to the right and above the header.

You can also click on 'Book Session' to head to your class schedule and book a session for your client.

Section 2 - Account Balance

Here, you'll see your clients' session Account Balance, including any remaining sessions/classes/appointment balance. You can click on the 'Remaining Session Quantity' to edit the number of sessions. Or, you can click on the 'Expiration Date' to change the expiration date of their sessions. To view any 'expired' sessions, click on the 'Show Expired Balances' link to the right and above the header.

You will also see the 'name' of the package/membership the client purchased listed under their account balance for easy identification!

You can also click on 'Make Purchase' to purchase another membership/package.

Section 3 - Auto Renewing Memberships

Here, you'll see your client's current auto-renewing memberships/plans. You can click 'Cancel Auto-Renew' to cancel an existing membership. Or, NOW, you can click the 'Next Charge Date' to set the renewal/charge date for a client's renewing account (Head to the 'Set Charge Date' Help Desk article for more information).

You can also click on 'Make Purchase' to purchase another membership/package.

Now under 'Auto Renewing Memberships', we also show the status of any declining (failing) auto-renewing memberships.  This typically refers to a credit card declining.

Showing a declining auto-renewing membership:

Section 4 - Relationships

Some businesses (if you're utilizing the Relationships feature) see the Relationships section. From here, you can manage, edit and set up your client's relationships.

We hope you like the updated Customer Account Profile - please reach out to support@fitli.com with any comments and suggestions!