We've completely reorganized, simplified, and updated the Session Profile page (also known as the Class profile or Appointment profile page) in direct response to requests from you! We've also made the page easier to read, display better on mobile devices, and restructured the layout to make more sense.

Here are a few things we've improved on the new Session Profile page (screenshot below with associated section numbers):

1 - Updated Help Desk popups

We've removed the cluttered Help Desk information from the page and gave it it's own spot in a contextual pop up. Click the Help "?" question mark and you'll see specific Help information relating to the Session Profile page.

2 - Session Description

The class/appointment description in this section comes directly from the Products & Services page, where you entered a description visible to all clients. You can edit the description of a specific class on this page, and it's unique to this individual class. Making changes to the description here does NOT replace the overall class/appointment description.

3 - Session Notes

The class/appointment notes are NOT seen by clients, and are also unique to each individual class or appointment. This section lets you write yourself or your instructor's notes for a specific class or appointment - maybe you want to list a time schedule, make notes about the format of a class, or general business notes about a session, it's up to you!

4 - Happy Birthday Icon

You've asked to be notified when a client has a birthday, and now you can see with a handy visual icon. If the client has a birthday within 30 days of the class date, we display the Happy Birthday cake icon - and hovering your mouse over the icon will display their birth date. How you want to reward them is up to you (singing optional).

5 - Client notes

You probably recall that on the client's customer profile, there's a section for adding client specific notes. Maybe you use this for remembering how much money they owe, any medical issues, etc. Now, you can use the notes indicator on the Session Profile page to remind you if there is something specific to this client that you need to check on or review. Click on the notes icon to update or enter a note in a popup window, or just to view the note that you've already entered.

Client Has a note:

Client has NO note:

Other improvements:

Some other improvements to the Session Profile include changes to the buttons and links on the site. We've removed some of the older style buttons and replaced them with links, as well as removed the business logo from the page and better used the space to display more important information. Don't worry, your clients still always see your logo, we just removed it from this page where it was only take up space for other helpful content!

Now, this page should be much clearer, easier to read with more helpful information, and display better on mobile devices! We hope you like the updates and improvements - please reach out to us at support@fitli.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.