We've been hard at work on adding many new features, including some major items you've requested to help clients book and pay. Click on each feature to learn more!

RELATIONSHIPS - An easy, flexible system that allows you to create relationships for families, friends, and groups. Clients can share packages between their relationships - no more requirement for each client to purchase a membership or package, they can share!


REPORT IMPROVEMENTS - We've updated the sales report with the last digits of the card used by the client, added a location field to the CSV export, and we now show the name of the attendee in the reports.

UI IMPROVEMENTS - We've made many of our buttons more mobile-friendly, and added the ability for all our pulldown menus to be selected using the keyboard. No more having to scroll, just start typing and the menu will jump to what you're choosing!

'DON'T ASK FOR REVIEWS' - Some clients wanted the option to not be prompted for a review of a business, appointment or trainer. We've added a 'Don't ask again' option so those review popups will now no longer appear if chosen.

CUSTOMER LIST IMPROVEMENTS - Now we show the date a client signed up, including clickable column headers and the ability to search by a specific date range.

Enjoy the new features and we'll see you with more in 2019!

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