We've heard from many of you that for business purposes, you need to update or edit your client's personal information from time to time. Maybe your client is too busy to change their address, or update their emergency contact information, or edit their phone number. Well, now you can!

NOTE: For privacy/security reasons, we are restricting the ability of a business to edit a client's email address. Please have the client update this information or contact Fitli to change this.

In the screenshot below, everything is editable by the business. The only item that is not changeable by the business is the email address.

To edit your customer data, head to their profile page, change the data you'd like to edit, and click the 'Save' button at the bottom. That's it!

Example of a NON-editable customer email (they are managing their own account - and need to change their OWN email:

Example of an editable customer email (you are managing their account, and CAN change it).