We know the Sales Report is your most important spot to see, in real time, how much money you're making - which clients are purchasing and what they're buying, and be able to search for specific information to help your business. To that end, we've updated the Sales Report with three, new, major improvements:

Search Box (NEW - at the top):

Now, you can search for any text included in the Sales Report - a client's name, email address, date, time, dollar amount, etc. Just click 'View All' to return to the main Sales Report and start over.

Items pulldown (NEW - at the top):

Now, you can search/filter by using the items pulldown. It defaults to 'All Items'. You can filter your search by clicking any of the following: Package/Membership, Miscellaneous, Retail Product, and/or Session.

Sortable Columns (NEW - top column headers):

Now, you can click on any column name to sort by the column header you clicked on! Clicking on the header for 'Net Sale' for example, sorts the Sales Report by Net Sale Price in ascending, then descending order by clicking it again. This works for every column header - give it a try!

Clickable content (NEW - name, package, session):

Need to view a client's profile right from the Sales Report? Just click it! Need to see what that package they purchased includes? Just click it! Now, new popups show you more information about the promo code, price, package, or session purchased, and, clicking the client name takes you to their profile for easy editing!

In the screenshot below, you can see the new sections and how to access them: