We've listened to you, our customers, and made some substantial changes and improvements to the user interface - making your most used areas easier to find, improving the site for mobile devices, and streamlining the toolbars and pull-down menus. Here are the changes, how they affect you, and where to find the areas on the site you're used to visiting.

1. Toolbar Navigation:

We've improved and streamlined the 'toolbar' for businesses, making it easier to find what you're looking for! The options for the business toolbar are now updated to the following:

Calendar - Takes you to your business schedule/calendar page

Customers (previously 'Assist Customer') - Manage your customers, customer list, view customer account information, make customer purchases

Reports (previously 'View Reports') - View all your business related reports; sales, attendance, booking, account balances and reviews received

Admin - Edit and customize your business configuration settings (billing, business name, electronic waiver, etc), add and/or edit your products & services, etc etc

2. Top Level Navigation to Your Businesses:

We've improved the top navigation, where you move between the Personal, Professional, and Business areas of the site (if you're a business user). Before, you had to click back and forth between different 'tabs', now, you use the pulldown menu in the upper right.

Your options, depending on what type of account you have are:

Personal - takes you to your Personal calendar page and settings

Professional - takes you to your Professional calendar page and settings

Your Business Name - takes you to your Business calendar page, settings, and business related options

Help -  takes you to our Help Desk where you can read more helpful tips, articles, FAQ, etc. 

Log Out - Will 'log you out' of the Fitli site

3. Improved Filtering

We've moved and improved the calendar/scheduling filter options to provide a cleaner look for you and your clients, with more and updated options to filter the classes you want to see!

4. Cleaner Calendar Interface

We've also cleaned up the calendar/schedule view by removing the dark colored theme surrounding the calendar - improved responsiveness and page loading speeds and making the embedded calendar for your business site look fresher!

Improved Mobile Views:

Previously, some of the pages on the Fitli site required some side scrolling or use of multiple pulldown menus to access - no longer! The Customers section, Package/Purchase section, and many more are now updated for improved viewing on mobile devices!

Improved Calendar/Schedule for Mobile

Improved Payment/Purchase Screen (no more side scrolling!)

Helpful Questions and Answers:

Q: Where did my business name go?

A: Your business name is now in the upper right corner menu. Click the pulldown under your login name to see your associated businesses.

Q: How do I switch between Personal, Professional, and Business view?

A: To switch between Personal, Professional and your Business view, click the pulldown in the upper right, under your login name. There, you'll find the old navigation menu that allows you to switch between your different views.

Q: Are all of the UI updates completed? Am I still going to see some pages where I need to side scroll?

A: While we haven't completed all the final improvements on every page, we've redesigned each page with mobile first in mind - there shouldn't be any side scrolling - unless you might have a non-standard mobile phone, or viewing it on a different device. If you still see any side scrolling, or something isn't fitting correctly, please let us know!

Again, thanks for being here with us during these continual improvements, enhancements, and rest assured we're doing these for you - our customers. Keep the feedback coming and contact us at support@fitli.com if you have any questions or comments!