It's the end of the year, tax time, and some of your customers might be asking for a statement, summary of charges, or a document showing all their charges/purchases with your business so they can be reimbursed for work, insurance, etc.

You can access all the required information you'd need to generate this data for your client via your Reports section of your Fitli account. You might wonder, "Why don't you do this for me?" We have widely varying requests for unique types of documents and while we'd like to help in each case, each document is so specific to each business, needing specific client data, logos, purchase dates, etc. So we let you gather the data and create an individual and unique document to help your customer. Here's how we can help.

Step 1: Head to your Sales Report
Login to your Fitli business account, and click on the Reports section on the top menu. Then, click Sales Report on the left side.

Step 2: Search for Client
Enter your client's name or email address on the search box. If your client requires to have his/her purchases for a certain date range, do a custom search on the date pulldown then pick the dates.

Step 3: Export your Sales Report custom view
Once you've chosen and updated your Sales Report to a custom date range, use the 'Export' button to export the report to a .csv file.

Step 4: Open your .csv file
Once you've exported the Sales Report for your client, use your favorite spreadsheet program (Excel, Sheets, Numbers, etc.) to open the downloaded .csv file. Then, copy the rows/details you need, and paste into a new file.

You can customize the header, add your own business logo, edit/remove columns that aren't needed and email or mail this to your customer. Since each request to you might be very specific, you can include or exclude any data they don't need.

If you have any questions, please contact us at!