Do you have clients wanting to purchase memberships or packages for other clients, or have members wanting to purchase a gift for a customer who's not a client? 

Here's the general way to create and redeem gift certificates:

-The 'buyer' purchases a specific dollar amount Gift Certificate on their account
-The business (you) sends a Gift Certificate 'code' (promotion code) to the 'redeemer' to receive the discount
-The 'redeemer' purchases a package or membership and receives the discounted amount using the Gift Certificate code

Step 1: Create a Gift Certificate SERVICE.

Create a gift certificate 'retail' service by following the steps below. Choose the category as 'retail', the duration as '1 minute', turn off the drop-in price. Save the new service (see screenshot below):

Step 2: Create a Gift Certificate PACKAGE.

Now, create a Gift Certificate Package, using the Gift Certificate product as the basis for the new package. Enter the name of the Gift Certificate, choose 'Gift Certificate' as the option in the pull down menu, then choose a price/value. Choose 1 session, and 1 day expiration.

Step 3: Purchase the Gift Certificate Package for a customer, in the dollar amount they wish to spend

Just as you would normally purchase a membership/package for a client, head to the Customers section, then use the 'Make Purchase' option next to the client's name. Click 'Make Purchase', then choose the Gift Certificate package option. In the screenshot below, you can see we've chosen the $50 Gift Certificate package we just created as being purchased for the customer. NOTE that this is only handling the purchase/payment of the package, to redeem the package, continue to step 4 below.

Step 4: Create a Gift Certificate promotion code for when the Gift Certificate is 'redeemed'.

Now that we have a Gift Certificate, and we can sell them to customers, lets set up how to redeem them. When a new or existing client wants to use their Gift Certificate, you or they can redeem them via the promo code interface. First, you need to create an associated promotion code so the system will recognize the gift certificate.

In the Promotions section of the Product/Package and Memberships interface, click 'Add Promotion'. Then, complete the following information (shown in the screenshot below)

Active: Yes
Display Promotion: NO (so someone can't see this code without knowing it)
Title: Whatever you'd like to show as the name of the Promotion
Code: THIS IS THE CODE THEY/YOU will use to redeem the GC
Type: Amount or a percentage off
Amount: The value of the GC
Expiration Date: Set this to the date in the future
Description: A public description of the promotion/GC

Then, click save and your promotion code is saved!

Step 5: Redeeming the GC Code

Now that we've got a GC purchased, a GC promotion code created, let's redeem it! To redeem a gift certificate, the code NEEDS to be entered in during the purchase process. This can be done by you, the business, the customer, and on the website or via the app.

First choose the customer to redeem the code for. In the 'promo code' box, enter the 'code' we entered when we created the promotion code. For this example, it's 'redeem-50'. You can see in the promotion code box, we entered that code.

Now, once we click 'Next', the discount gets applied and the $50 price gets reduced by $50 for the gift certificate, bringing the price to zero!

Great! Now you've got a Gift Certificate product, package, a promotion code, AND you've redeemed it for a customer!

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