Here at Fitli, you have a few different ways to stay in touch with your clients and customers - build rapport and business recognition, keep clients up to date and let them know when things are happening!

Contact All Customers in a Class

To contact all customers/clients signed up for a class, head to the Session Profile for that class. From the calendar, click on the class, then you'll see the screen shown below:

Click on the 'Send Message to All Participants' link highlighted above to send a message to all clients. This is great for letting clients know about a change in location, tell them to bring extra towels or water, or anything at all!

After clicking the link, you'll get a popup letting you enter your message. Enter your message and click 'Send Message'.

Contact Specific Members in a Class

To contact specific members, it's very similar to the process for sending messages to all members. Instead of clicking 'Send Message to All Participants', you'll look for the 'Send Message' link next to a specific client's name. See the screen below for where that button is located:

You'll get a similar popup where you can enter a message to send to the specific client, click the 'Send Message' button and your client will receive the message by email, text or both!

Coming Soon - We've got plans to add many more messaging and email options in the future, so keep checking back here or let us know the features you're looking for!