So we know what appointments are - 1 on 1 sessions with a trainer or professional, but how to get started using them? Typically, appointments are either booked by the professional or the client.

For the professional - a client might call or email, saying, "I want a private appointment with you for a 60-minute yoga session". How would you book that? Easy!

Step 1: As a professional or business owner, head to your main Calendar page. Click on the "Scheduling" button on the left. You'll see the following screen.

Step 2: Choose 'Appointment', 'Blocked Time' (professional is out of town, unavailable, in a meeting, etc), or 'Class'. Click the 'Select A Customer' to add a customer from your client list. Use the next pulldown to select a product for the appointment or class. Then select a professional to run the class or appointment. Then, choose your facility and finally, select a time. Your screen should look like the following:

Step 3: After choosing the time, you'll be sent to the payment screen. Here, depending on if the client has a package purchased, has sessions in their "bank", or a credit card linked to their account, you can charge them directly.

Once you've processed their payment, or selected to use a session or their membership, you can head back to the Calendar page and see the just booked session on your business calendar page (see below).

For the client - you want to book a private, 60 minute, 1 on 1 yoga session with your favorite instructor.

You have two ways to do this, from the website, or the app!

Step 1: From the website, login and head to your personal page and then click Book Activity. If you have a favorite gym or instructor, they will show up under "My Businesses", or search for a new business.

Step 2: Click on the 'View Schedule' to view the calendar for the business.

Step 3: Click on 'Appointments', and you'll be taken to the 'Schedule an Appointment" page. From here, use the pulldowns to select the product you are interested in, and choose a professional. Once you've selected those, choose a time you'd like to schedule your appointment for.


Step 4: Select a payment type. Your payment options will vary depending on if you have a prepaid membership, sessions left in your membership, have a credit card on file, or are paying for the first time! Choose your payment or purchase options, step through the process and you will have your first appointment booked!

You'll receive a confirmation email and receipt, as well as the class showing up in your Calendar on the website and in the app. Enjoy!