Here at fitli, we are always working on improving product features and experience. Sometimes the changes are big and sometimes small. We always listen to your feedback and try to incorporate those changes as soon as possible. So today, we have a small update for you. Within the next couple of days, we will be changing the default calendar view from Monthly to Weekly. There are 2 reasons for this change:

  1. Efficiency - Many of you have provided feedback that while monthly view is nice, it's not the one you use most often... and thus, you have to adjust the view once you log in.
  2. Performance - In order to show all the classes and session on the monthly view, we need to search the database for all that information. By changing the default view to 'weekly', the system will only have to search for 1/4 of the data and should be 4x as fast to load.

Of course, you always have the option to change your current view by selecting either, "Day", "Month" or "List" in the upper right corner, however, the default view will soon be set to "Weekly".