De-activating a service means to make an active service become inactive. An inactive service will not be listed when you create a new session/class.

Please note, de-activating a service will not remove or cancel any session/class that is tied with the service.




1. Log in to your fitli business account.

- You will see at least 2 sections on the pulldown on your upper right hand side: 'Personal' section and your business.

- Click on your business name on the pulldown to access your business account. This will take you to your business's calendar page, like below.

2. Go to 'Admin' on the top menu bar, click 'Products & Services on the left side.

- The first page is 'Services': list of services (aka. what you are offering to your clients)

- You will see the "Active" column on this list. All active services have value 'yes' under this column.

3. To deactivate a service, click on the 'yes' link on the service row you intend to deactivate.

- As soon as you click on the 'yes' link, the service will disappear from the list. It just means that this service becomes inactive.

- To show all inactive services, click on the link 'Show inactive Services' right below the '+Add Service' button. As soon as you click on this link, it will show the inactive service/s together with the active services and it will be grayed-out. 

- To show all active services only, click on the link 'Hide inactive Services'.

4. To re-activate a service, click on the 'no' link of the inactive service. This will toggle the value Active from 'no' to 'yes'.

That's it! If you have any questions, chat with us or send us an email to