A professional or 'business user' is an employee who works at your business, or a manager/clerk who you provide access to your business site. Each employee has a role. Each role has a set of permissions to determine at which level your employee (a.k.a. user) can have access to your business site.

Step 1: Log in to your Fitli business account.

- You will see at least 2 sections on the pulldown on your upper right hand side: 'Personal' section and your business name. Some accounts might also have 'Professional' section, depends on your account type.

- Click on your business to access your business account. This will take you to your business' calendar page, like below.

Step 2: Click on 'Admin' on the top menu bar.

Step 3: Click 'Business Setup & Customization' then 'Users' on the left side.

This will open a list of employees (a.k.a. users) who work at your business.


Your business users can have roles associated with them, that define what they can and can't do as users.  You can allow a business user full access (Owner/Professional), trainer full access (Professional Full Access), or limited access (Professional Limited Access).

Roles and their Fitli privileges:

- In this example, Hana Martin has an 'Owner' role at this business.

If Hana Martin is not only an owner, but also a professional, she needs to have her role updated.

- Click on the 'Edit' link. This will open a pop-up form with all details about this user.

- Scroll down to the "Role" drop-down list, you will see there is a list of different roles that you can change to.

+ In this example, Hana Martin will be changed to 'Owner Professional' role.

+ You will notice that the list of Permissions now gets updated. Hana now has a 'Bookable Resource' permission.

- Click on the 'SAVE' button after you finish making changes.

If you want to add a new employee/user to your business, click on the '+ Add User' button on your top right hand side from the Users list. This will open a pop-up form to ask you to fill out all the required information about this employee/user.

- Notice that all the fields are required. After you're done, click on the 'SAVE' button.

- An email will be sent to this employee/user via the email that you provided to invite him/her to join your business on the fitli platform.

From the list of Users, you can see the status of each employee/user that you added via the 'Status' column.

- When you first added a new employee/user, its status will be 'Sent'.

+ This means that an email has been sent to this employee/user. However, this employee/user hasn't accepted the invitation yet.

+ From the User's Details form (via the 'Edit' link), you can make changes and 'SAVE', or 'RESEND' the invitation, or 'REMOVE' the employee/user from your business.

- When your employee/user accepts the invitation to connect via the email that was sent out by the system, its status will be changed to 'Connected'.

+ From the User's Details form (via the 'Edit' link), you can change the role and "SAVE", or 'REMOVE' the employee from your business.