Visit history includes all classes / sessions that this customer has attended at your business in the past.


Visit history just shows only classes / sessions that this customer has booked and attended via the fitli platform.


1. Log in to your fitli business account.

- You will see at least 2 sections on the pulldown on your upper right hand side: "Personal" section and your business name. Some accounts might also have "Professional" section, depends on your account type.

- Click on your business name to access your business account. This will take you to your business's calendar page, like below.

2. Click on "Customers" (next to "Calendar" tab)

- This will list all customers at your business.

- Next to each customer, there will be a "History" link. If you want to view one of your client's history, click on the highlighted "History" link beside your client's name.

Here is an example of client history:

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