We're making some changes to our navigation, including moving the 'Products' section into the 'Admin' area of the Fitli site - this will help mobile navigation as well as make way for additional future product features.  We've also expanded the 'Products' section to 'Products & Services' - it's now more applicable to what the section actually contains, such as classes, appointments and Retail Products!  'Products' are now found under the 'Services' section, where you can create/edit your classes and appointments.

We've also added several round, orange tooltips (you'll see the orange "?" below in the screenshot) to give you tips on where items have moved or where to go!

Here's the current top-level navigation you're used to:

And here's the new version of the top-level navigation:

You'll see that the 'Products' section has been moved, just as we mentioned above. It's now in the 'Admin' section, shown here below.  In fact, we've reorganized the 'Admin' section to better categorize the features you use frequently and those you don't.

Administration section navigation changes:

You'll see that instead of having one, long navigation menu, we've organized the items into sub-menus!  Easier to navigate and looks better on mobile!  Just click into a sub-menu or hit the arrow to expand the menu.

The sub-sections in 'Admin include:

Business Information:

In Business Information, you can edit or change any of your business information, including address, phone, etc.  Also, you can update your business categories, change your business credit card number or adjust/edit your banking deposit information.  Typically, once you set this information, you're not returning here to edit this very frequently.

Business Setup & Customization:

Business Setup and Customization contains the more frequently used items you'll be adjusting and changing for your business, including adding and editing business users, setting your booking and cancellation policies, any facilities, adjusting appointment settings, setting up your waiver, defining Payroll pay rates, getting Business Tool links, Notification settings, and Integrations!

Products and Services:

Now in products and services, you'll find the "Services" section (which used to be called 'Products'), Packages and Memberships, Retail Products, Sales Tax and Promotions.  Click into 'Services' to find the list of classes and appointments you're used to seeing.

Thanks and we hope you love the new interface redesign!  Please give us feedback at support@fitli.com or chat with us!