Welcome to Winter 2019!  In this feature release, we've addressed several user interface issues, fixed a few small behind the scenes bugs, and added several new features!

Session Expiration Notifications

As an added notification to your clients, 10 days prior to their membership expiring, we send them an email message/notification letting them know, "Your membership is about to expire in 10 days".  Your clients will be able to plan accordingly for their membership expiring! Read more about Session Expiration Messages ->

Sales Tax

Many of you have asked for a way to include Sales Tax - now you can!  You simply enable the Sales Tax option in your business account, then choose the products (including Retail Products) you want to add the tax to.  We automatically calculate the tax amount, include it in the purchase, and display on the Sales Report!  

Read more about Sales Tax ->

Retail Products

We've reworked the Retail Products category to streamline the user interface, and separated out Retail Products!  Now, you don't have to do a crazy workaround in order to sell retail products.  Simply add the retail product, and it will show up in a new category, making it easier for you and your clients to purchase them!  These improvements also include updates to the Sales Report and the iOS app.  Enjoy! Read more about Retail Products ->

We hope you enjoy these feature updates, look for more coming soon!