Do you have clients wanting to purchase memberships or packages for other clients, or have members wanting to purchase a gift for a customer who's not a client? 

Now, we've made it easier for you. Here's how...

Step 1. Create a Retail Product

To do this, go to 'Admin' on the top menu then click 'Retail Products' on the left under 'Products & Services'.

Step 2. Create a 'Retail Product' for your Gift Certificate

Click '+ Add Retail Product' on the right then fill it out with the needed information then save. Eg. Gift Certificate $$

Note: Make sure that the price matches the dollar amount you want to sell the gift certificate for.

Step 3. Create a unique promotion/discount code to redeem the gift certificate

To create a unique promotion code for your gift certificate, go to 'Admin' on the top menu, click 'Promotions' under 'Products & Services', then click '+ Add Promotion' on the right. 

Fill it out with the needed information then hit save. Note: The Title must be 25 characters or less.

Notice the 2 sliders below add promotion. The unique promo code can be used to limit both the service, packages/memberships, and the number of uses. 

For a more detailed guide on promotions, you can check here.

In this example, I decided to limit the promo code for my gift certificate to be used once per customer. This means that after my customers use the promo code for the gift certificate, they won't be able able to use it again.

Step 4. Purchase the Gift Certificate Retail Product for a customer

Just as you would normally purchase a package/membership for a client, head to the Customers section, then use the 'Purchase' option next to the client's name. Click 'Purchase', then choose the Gift Certificate option. In the screenshot below, you can see we've chosen the Gift Certificate $25 under retail products we just created as being purchased for the customer. NOTE that this is only handling the purchase/payment of the package, to redeem the package, continue to step 5 below.

Step 5. Redeem the Gift Certificate

Now that we've got the Gift Certificate $25 purchased, and we've added a Gift Certificate promotion code that can be used once per customer created, let's redeem it! To redeem a gift certificate, the code NEEDS to be entered during the purchase process. This can be done by you, the business, the customer, and on the website or via the app.

Choose the customer to redeem the code for. In the 'promo code' box, enter the 'code' we entered when we created the promotion code then click 'Apply' (Very Important!). For this example, it's 'redeem-gift-certificate'. You can see in the promotion code box, we entered that code. You'll notice that the total price for the package hasn't changed since we haven't applied the promo code yet.

Once we applied the promo code, it will show the original price, the discount/promo applied then the total. Click next and confirm to complete the purchase process.

That's about it! Any questions, chat with us or send us an email to