We've updated the ability for a business/trainer to see how their professional profile will appear on a Class or Appointment booking page.  Previously, you had to actually open the booking page as a customer/client to see how your profile would appear - now, you simply click the 'Preview' button to see how you'll appear.

To preview your Professional Profile, click into your 'Personal' account under the upper right corner menu.  Then, choose the 'Account' and 'Professional Profile' options.

Click 'Preview' and you'll see a preview of how your Professional Profile will appear to clients on the class/appointment booking pages. Your rating (if any), certifications, specialties and bio will appear here - if it's not fully completed, then now's the time to add more content!

We hope you love this new feature!  Please reach out at support@fitli.com if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback.