Merry Christmas!  We've added several new, exciting features we hope you'll love just in time for the Holidays.

Client Photos

First up, Client Photos!  You or your client can now upload a photograph for their client profile - this image will be displayed in their customer profile AND on the Class Roster!

Customer List:

Class Roster:

Miscellaneous Charging

We understand that setting up packages in advance, or not having the flexibility to charge clients variable or miscellaneous amounts was troublesome - so we've added it!  Now, you can charge clients any amount you'd like, and add sales tax if you need to do so!  You can use this for 'checking out' a client, adding a tip, or any miscellaneous charge you'd like.

Disbursement Dates

This is a big one!  You've all asked for the ability to see WHEN a purchase made via credit card is actually disbursed to your bank account.  Now you can!  Just export your Sales Report, and there will be a new column - Disbursement Date!  Now you can reconcile your accounts going forward - just the typical 2 to 3 business days after a card purchase is made, you'll be able to view the disbursement dates.

Professional Profiles

We've added the ability for a Professional/Instructor/Trainer to generate a 'preview' of how their profile will look to clients. Make sure you've got a great looking professional photograph and your profile is completely filled out!

Quick Booking Filters

Now you or a client has flexibility on choosing when they'd like to quickly book additional classes.  After booking a class, under the 'Quick Booking' section, we've added several filters allowing you/them to choose specific days.  Make booking easier!

And several other items, including:

-Updating the text color on the calendar depending on the background color (better readability)

-Fixing several small bugs including a Hide Attendance issue, various UI inconsistencies

-Displaying the Package Name in the Account Balances section

-Professional Profile Preview

Thanks, we hope you love the improvements and Merry Christmas!